Established 1991

Quality Policy & Mission Statement

The continuing policy of RPM Digital Print Ltd is to provide a professional and efficient service to meet all of the agreed requirements of our customers. This achievement will result in securing efficiency and the enhancement of long-term profitability.

Our management team bears the responsibility for establishing, maintaining, reviewing and implementing the system for controlling those particular areas for which they are responsible. We undertake to ensure through instruction, practical example and training that quality is the aim of all members of the organisation and that each employee has a proper understanding of the importance of the quality system function and its direct relevance to RPM’s success.

Equally every employee is responsible for, and will be trained to perform the duties required by his or her specific role. Furthermore we will ensure that any sub-contractors employed for a particular function will meet specified requirements and will accept responsibility for their work. Interested parties will be kept informed of developments that may affect them.

RPM has a policy of continual improvement and in line with the conditions laid down in ISO 9001:2015 addresses areas of risk and of opportunity.

Our Quality System is monitored regularly under the Top Management’s ultimate responsibility with regular reporting of its status and effectiveness at all levels.

Signed: Lyn Place

Date: 25.09.2017

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