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Multi Channel Print

Use both print and digital

Increasingly, marketers aren’t talking one or the other. They are talking both. Seamless integration between the two is critical to creating stand out marketing campaigns.

Integrate digital technology into your print pieces

With this integration you can monitor campaigns, analyse results in real time and modify strategy and tactics accordingly. Options include QR codes, NFC, Augmented Reality Software or a ‘Print to Mobile’ infrastructure such as DocumobiFUSE technology, which digitally enables interaction with a printed piece via mobile phones, tablets and wearables.

Consumers are already ahead of marketers in their anticipation of a modern, seamless, integrated and consistent brand experience across both print and digital. Use these tips to take your multichannel campaigns to the next level.


  • Personalise the front cover of each individual brochure that you send.

  • Add a map showing your prospective customer how to get to your store from their house.

  • Incorporate your child's name, making them appear as the main character in a storybook.

  • Add variable images of your products to the mail-piece based on your customers previous transactional history, gender and location.

  • Use QR codes or Augmented Reality to integrate a digital activity, such as watching a video, into your physical mail-piece.

Cross Channel Social Marketing Bournemouth Poole Dorset

Dynamically Personalise Everything

Personalise your text content

Don't just give your customers a generic message, instead personalise each message, with business plan logic, populating any text content with fields from your database.
Imagine being able to present a different paragraph depending on who is viewing your webpage or reading your flyer.

Cross Channel Social Marketing Bournemouth Poole Dorset

Creativity is unrestricted using Adobe Indesign and HTML5. If you can design it we can personalise it.

Personalise images and graphics

Set up your campaign to create a different image for each viewer. At least 60% of the population are visual learners and an image is a great way to quickly capture the attention of a recipient of direct mail. Considering the power of both images and personalisation, why not combine the two in your direct mail with personalised images? We tried it with the image below on a postcard campaign and the response rate exceeded 6%.

Cross Channel Social Marketing Bournemouth Poole Dorset

Creativity is unrestricted using Adobe Photoshop. If you can photoshop it we can personalise it.

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