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Multi-Channel Campaigns

Extend your reach across multiple channels

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Dynamically communicate using Print, Email, Web,
Mobile and Social Media

Multi-channel communication,  also known as cross-media marketing, is sending targeted, responsive and relevant communications across multiple media streams, in a joined up way. We think it's the best way to communicate. We like it when campaigns have print in the mix as it can be triggered automatically, personalised and one-off. Print isn't compulsory though, as our flexible toolkit is capable of endless variations. The planning process uses a powerful storyboard that is easily shared with all interested parties.

Read how we are helping others or try it for yourself with a free sample demo. Everything is automated, freeing you up to track results on the easy-to-use dashboard.

Still not sure how print gets triggered automatically?

These are the kind of things we do :

Send out a print piece with a link to a personalised webpage, where you can capture a customer's data, place an offer and then automatically reply to them with a thankyou by SMS.

Send out a brochure based on only the webpages that your target clicked on from your website.

Set up an online shop where a purchase is rewarded with a personalised card telling them about a subsequent offer.

Email your database of customers or targets and invite them to your event, collect their responses and send them the invitation (digital or in print) once they’ve confirmed.

Produce loyalty cards which record every transaction and generate a personalised video on a birthday, for example.

What about data security? We take it seriously.

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Dynamically communicate across all channels

all fully automated from our integrated system