Established 1991

Environmental Commitment

We are PASSIONATE about the environment. We’re delighted you’re even reading this page because that might mean you are too! We were one of the first print companies in our area to achieve ISO14001 but decided we could do better. So we developed our own environmental management system, based on the ISO model but more effective, and sent the money we saved to the local Wildlife Trust.

Here’s just some of the things we do:

  • Encourage our staff to cycle to work. (The traffic’s awful anyhow, it’s usually quicker). We fitted a shower as well to help cycling staff avoid contributing atmospheric pollution to the office.
  • Deliver on foot if we can. We try to ensure all local businesses can use us so we don’t have to get the delivery van out. We encourage our suppliers to walk too! They get a coffee on arrival.
  • Reuse and recycle absolutely everything. We send less to landfill than most houses and donate offcuts, cardboard, spare paper etc to local schools and clubs. Chads make nice confetti. (They’re the bits left over from holepunching)
  • Turn everything off at night. Ever been past an empty office and seen lights burning? Not here. Not even the computers are left on.
  • Print less. Whilst we are printers and like our machines to be running, we hate waste and if we think our customers would do better to move their campaign online, we will say so.
    Especially as we can do that for them too.

If you would like to read our Environmental Policy you can find it here. Thank you

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