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What is 1:1 Cross-Media Marketing?

Cross-media marketing is when targeted, relevant communications are delivered across multiple media types.

We have all this data on our customers. We know their tastes, what they bought last, where they went last. Tons of it. Yet we still blanket bomb them with clumsy impersonal campaigns. The reason? Customising every piece of communication would take too long. That's where we come in.

cross-media better results

We have software that uses a database to create individual campaigns automatically tailored to each person. It can send out simultaneous cross-platform communication across print, web, email and mobile to 1000s of people. But each one will be customised to the person who receives it. Plus, it can instantly create PURLs (personalised URL) for every individual, so you can start a dialogue with them.

Add to that real time automatic updates with full tracking and analytics.

Got some new data? Then you can update those campaigns and send out new messages automatically. So your information is always relevant and always up to date. It's like selling to one person at a time.
The ultimate in 1:1 cross-media marketing is when your business has two-way personalised dialogues with each and every customer through the medium of their choice. As you learn more about your customers and reflect that information throughout your communications, you can transform that relationship into a much more loyal and strategic one.

Cross-Media Interactive Video

Please sit back and watch this wonderful demonstration of a fictional Cross-Media marketing campaign, and realise the limitless creatve functionality it could have for generating leads, revenue and more profit.

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