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Dynamically personalise your website for your users

Cross-media website personalisation uk snippets

Using Snippets allows for easy modification of an existing corporate website, regardless of where it is hosted and what server technology is used, to include personalisation. For example, imagine that on downloading a brochure, the user is prompted to provide a few details, the downloaded brochure is then personalised, and further interaction with the corporate website continues to be personalised with adjusted offerings, etc. When the user returns to the website in the future, the corporate website can remember the user, and continue to provide personalised information as opposed to generic information.

The end result is a personalised journey through your website for your clients, with targeted, relevant offers and messages derived from their interactions, all of which is tracked and reported back to you in real time!

Snippets is a Javascript library that adds personalisation to any HTML page

Use the library's custom tags and attributes to add features such as variable text and personalised images. Show or hide various areas of the page based on the offer that you wish to make for the target recipient. You can also change the font, color or any other style aspects with style variables.

Snippet Dynamic code html css jquery
Additional features that the library supports include:
  • Update recipient data through update forms
  • Add new recipients to your database via registration and referral forms
  • Update the data based on recipient behavior
  • Use RPM's Xmedia tracking infrastructure through tracking tags
  • Post on Facebook or share via Twitter

Live tracking and analytics

Probably the most important feature is live tracking and analytics. Every single snippet that we generate for you to use, can be tracked and analyzed.
Find out what pages your clients like, what services or products they enjoy, then log in to our analytics dashboard, or receive the live activity via email or SMS, triggered on certain rules decided by your marketing strategy.