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What can clear do for you?

Whether you use a touch of clear over designated "spot" areas, simulate metallic effects, add a watermark or flood an entire sheet, clear dry ink can add value and eye-appeal to your designs. The Xerox Color 1000 Press with clear Varnish will help enhance images, bringing out their color, helping them pop off the page and getting messages noticed.

You can spot the difference

Nearly any type of business promotion can benefit from the addition of clear EA Toner. Take the food industry, for example. The image of donuts at right becomes even more delectable when clear EA Toner glazes the icing on top; it seems to raise off the page, appearing realistic enoughóand delicious enoughóto taste. By highlighting specific areas, clear EA Toner can make images of food mouthwatering perfect for bakeries, restaurants and catering businesses.You can truly be creative with your use of spot treatment with clear. Add a three-dimensional effect to windows by adding clear inside the frames, and add sophistication to brochures and flyers for real estate businesses, contractors and home improvement stores. Or add clear over the ice blue water of a swimming pool for a landscaping business piece, or in the curl of a wave for a travel brochure customers will want to dive right in. Clear adds a tactile dimension that catches the eye, creates an emotion and spurs action.

Solid shine

Flooding the page with clear can also add substance to your printed piece, whether through giving it a more professional look or by adding a layer of protection. Give a sheen to restaurant menus, retail price lists or educational certificates. And coat pieces that are subjected to frequent handling, such as direct mail postcards or sports team schedules.

A gleam attracts attention

Simulating metallic or pearlescent effects lends elegance to pieces, giving them a luxurious look, perfect for anyone from jewelers to automotive dealers to bridal boutiques. You can give images of precious metals the glint of gold, fenders the gleam of silver and gowns a pearly taffeta look. Introduce the metallic effect to type for a high-end flair to invitations and programs.

Subtle, but clear

Subtle watermarks created with clear EA Toner add a layer of security and validation, great for financial and educational documents. Or run a company name or logo across a page for subliminal repetition and recognition. The watermark effect can be used as a design element as well add soft, clear snowflakes to the sky in a ski resort brochure or a snow plowing flyer. The Xerox Color 1000 Press with clear dry ink open up whole new expressive worlds, for designers and print businesses alike. Taking advantage of this ìclearî capability will truly make printed pieces ìshineî for both you and your customer