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Personalised and Variable Data Print

Power your communications with variable data.

Supercharge your documents with relevant messages, images and graphics to grab your audience's attention. Automate the production of personalised print campaigns that will motivate recipients to respond. Open architecture lets you start anywhere, add capabilities, and protect your investment all along the way.

Getting communications noticed with personalised images

Variable text makes one-to-one marketing communications say “read me.” But add personalised photos – and suddenly they shout!

Visualise it… a direct mail campaign using personalised images that show each recipient’s name burned into wood or etched into glass. A car brochure with a car image that has a reflection off the car’s window that shows a hometown landmark.
A Web application where shoppers can preview their own personal picture wrapped around a coffee mug or preview their corporate logo engraved on a plaque before placing a print order online.

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