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Top techniques for designing with clear

Once you understand the basic ways you can use clear dry ink to differentiate your printed pieces, you can experiment to see which technique can add the most impact.

Spot treatment

With the spot treatment technique you add clear EA Toner only over specifically designated areas of a printed piece. This has the effect of highlighting and drawing attention to that part of the design, such as an area of an illustration or important text. It can also provide additional visual interest of simulating varied textures on a single printed surface. Not only does this add interest, but it also gives the piece a more high-end, polished look.

Spot over photograph

Add clear EA Toner to a photograph to make it jump off the page, or designate certain areas of the photograph to highlight its features. For example, above, the model's glasses will receive the clear EA Toner, giving them a noticeable sheen. You can also add a texture over a photograph, giving the illusion of dimension. Spot over a solid color By adding clear EA Toner over a solid color, you make that colored area truly pop. Spot over a tint of a solid colorMimic a subtle tinted varnish effect by creating a design with a light tint of a color and then add spot.

Spot over Text

Add clear EA Toner to text to make it jump off the page, or designate certain areas of the photograph to highlight its features. Spot over text gives images extra attention-getting power. With the clear EA Toner capabilities presented by the Xerox Color 1000 Press and clever use of spot treatment, you have another creative way to direct focus on the important areas of your printed pieces.

Flood coating

To "flood" your printed piece with clear EA Toner is to cover the whole sheet with it. Flooding can have many benefits. It adds a soft finish to your entire piece, giving it an offset like appearance. It provides an even sheen that adds depth to photos and a smooth consistent look across an image. Flooding can also help to protect your applications, almost adding a layer of sealant, especially helpful for direct mail and other pieces that are prone to wear from handling. Flood coating with clear EA Toner also enables the Xerox Color 1000 Press to evenly print on embossed papers for better digital image quality on this type of stock.

Metallic and Pearlescent

Introducing a sheen of clear EA Toner over pantone metallic colors simulated in CMYK can produce a metallic effect, making your design shine. A metallic effect also adds elegance to text in your printed pieces, as well as creates the appearance of metal on an object.


Using clear EA Toner is a great way to print watermarks on your pieces. These subtle, authenticating marks can provide notice for copyrighted materials or add a graphic element to discourage copying of coupons or tickets. Watermarks can repeat across the entire page and are a nice way to add a soft graphic element to your design to quietly reinforce your message or evoke a mood.