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Setting up your indesign file

Your Tutorial on how to prepare for Clear Spot Varnish PT1



Setting up your InDesign file for printing with clear dry ink.

1. In InDesign, add a new layer in the layers pallet. (see A above.)

a. Name the new layer varnish.

b. The varnish layer should be the very first layer at the top.

2. Add a new color in the swatchespallet and name it clear varnish. (see B above.)

a. Designate the Color Type as Spot.

b. Set the Color Mode to CMYK: 0/100/0/0 (It does not matter which of the 4 colors you choose, as long as one is set to 100%).



Spot or flood varnish

3. On the varnish layer, draw a box with the rectangle tool to cover your entire page, a smaller rectangle to cover your image area, or use the pen tool to create an irregular shape of a specific area on your photograph to be printed with clear EA Toner.

a. Fill your shape with the new clear varnish swatch.

b. Select Window > Attributes > Overprint Fill and/or Stroke. This must be checked for every shape and stroke to print with clear varnish. (see C above.)