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Postcards and cards

Postcards are traditionally sent as a 'hello' from your holidays but at RPM there is so much more we can do with them. Don't get us wrong, if traditional postcards are what you want then we have no problem producing them. We can take your own holiday snaps or other custom images and produce ready made postcards for you to use at your leisure.
You may or may not know that we can personalise your postcards with names and addresses to send out as part of direct mail campaigns. This effective form of marketing is becoming increasingly popular as you can target specific people with relevant information enhancing responses like never before.
Why stop there? Using Market Leading Software RPM can now personalise images. See your clients names spelt out in stars, written in the sand or carved in a tree the possibilities are endless and these eye catching visuals will easily separate you from the competition.

Greeting Cards

Just like postcards, greeting cards are available in traditional or personalised format for all occasions
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