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Marketing Analytics

If you can't measure it, don't do it!

The need to understand campaign results is a top priority for marketers. Our marketing console integrates results into high- quality data with real time data feeds used for tracking and reporting while the campaign is active. Our marketing dash board turns the art of marketing into science enabling our customers to track, monitor, analyse and measure their campaign results.

Track recipient-level campaign activity across all media channels

A graphics-rich, Web-based dashboard, providing detailed charts and graphs that highlight important campaign metrics. By integrating media and event information with relevant variable information,you have an unprecedented view into campaign performance through one, customisable tracking interface.

Adapt your campaign in real time

Any variable element used in a campaign, regardless of touch point type, can be tracked, analysed and reported on in real time. All response activity – such as an email read, a button pushed, or a link clicked – is recorded and can be used in campaign analysis. With accurate metrics, marketers can analyse campaign performance and choose to refine offers, messaging, target populations, and even change the medium of communication. This agility when managing live campaigns will make your marketing communications more precise, relevant and effective.

Cross-Media dashboard analytics
Cross-Media analytics flow

The complete toolset


Before deploying a campaign, users can simply activate tracking to begin collecting data on the recipients and monitoring their responses. Additionally, by leveraging the Tracking APIs, data from external systems, such as CRM systems and call centres, can be incorporated into the tracking system to create a single repository for all campaign responses from any channel. During the campaign lifecycle, analytics aggregates recipient information and response data, which is the basis for campaign analysis.


Our marketing console provides the interface to access this data, and gives you the ability to create detailed reports and charts. For example, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports using gauge-style charts, provide a quick view into campaign performance. Additionally, there are built-in reports to view email performance, campaign activity over a set time, recipient-level details, and many more.
Using analytics, marketers will learn how many recipients responded to a campaign, as well as which touch point caused the response, which offer was selected, and the profile of each respondent. This level of granularity aids in customer profiling and provides invaluable insight into the effectiveness of offers and medium of delivery.


At any point during an active campaign, users can leverage in-depth analysis to reveal trends and refine their marketing communications. This could include changing offers, modifying creative, or editing campaign logic. Data can also be written back to segments within the database, which is helpful in triggering subsequent campaign phases, flagging specific recipients, or initiating any activity that requires information to be fed back into the system. Analytics enables proactive campaign management to maximise ROI.

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