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The Xerox Colour Print 1000

Every once in a while technology takes a giant leap forward. We believe the arrival of the new Xerox colour print 1000 digital press is one of those moments.

The press delivers stunning, vibrant image quality, outstanding midtones, crisp text, pure neutrals and detailed shadows.

The clear varnish option amplifies full colour jobs allowing images and text to be highlighted for greater visual impact.The perfect machine for applications such as Photo publishing, direct mail, packaging, books and manuals, transactional promotional, collateral. Please call for more info, samples and a demonstration.


What's so special about the Xerox's new Color Print 1000 Presses is that they are the first printers in the line that come with an option of a fifth print station. Other than the regular CMYK, the printers come with a clear varnish station, an option that functions like a conventional varnish which not only allows users to make their images 'pop' out visually, but enhances the creativity and security of one's collaterals to be imbued with digital watermarks. Do note that the usual printing speed is still maintained without affecting production.

The press prints at a high resolution of 2400 x 2400 dpi - with clarity and sharpness enhanced by a new low-melt emulsion aggregation (EA) Toner, allowing users to obtain a finish that is almost identical to off-set print-outs. As such, the printers are targeted towards companies working predominantly in the Graphics Art sector, like publishing houses and commercial printers where optimal printing quality and creativity is a necessity.

Clear Spot Varnish

The Xerox Color 1000 Press brings you the ultimate in design flexibility, with vibrant, high-definition image quality, a wide color gamut and the digital design freedom to be clear with clear EA Toner. Think frost on a window or the see-through beauty of a crystal and you’ll understand the dramatic, eye-catching design effects you can create with clear.

Find out how to setup your artwork ready for Clear Spot Varnish

Clear Spot Varnish Tutorial