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Designing with clear for eye catching effects

The Xerox Color 1000 Press brings you the ultimate in design flexibility, with vibrant, high-definition image quality, a wide color gamut and the digital design freedom to be clear with clear EA Toner. Think frost on a window or the see-through beauty of a crystal and you'll understand the dramatic, eye-catching design effects you can create with clear.
clear spot varnish bournemouth print

With clear EA Toner you can apply a clear "varnish" effect, so you can address specific areas of your printed piece or flood the entire sheet, enabling you to:

  • Highlight images for visual variety, making them "pop" off the page.
  • Draw attention to a headline or variable text Highlight photos, logos or variable images.
  • Simulate pearlescent or metallic appearance.
  • Apply digital watermarks to add artistic effects or enhance security.
  • Enhance print quality of embossed stocks.
  • Add an extra protective layer to an entire sheet.

Find out how to setup your artwork ready for Clear Spot Varnish

Clear Spot Varnish Tutorial

The following pages are filled with tips, techniques and examples of how you can achieve stunning results with the Xerox Color 1000 Press new clear EA Toner capability. Once you get started, you'll want to add the depth, dimensionality, subtlety and intrigue clear dry ink can bring to all your printed piece.