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Bringing in Graphics

Your Tutorial on how to prepare for Clear Spot Varnish PT2



Bringing in graphics from Adobe Illustrator

Vector graphics that are created in Adobe Illustrator can be copied and pasted into InDesign and designated to print with clear dry ink as a watermark or to print over colors or photographs.

1. Copy and paste a graphic from Illustrator into your InDesign document.

2. Designate the fill and/or line to be clear varnish.

3. Move all elements to be printed in clear dry ink to the varnish layer.

4. With the graphic selected, select Window > Attributes > Overprint Fill and/or Stroke. (see C)



Tinted varnish effects

A tinted varnish effect is created by layering 2 identical objects on top of each other. The objects on the top layer will print with clear dry ink allowing the color from the object below to show through. To start, follow the basic set-up for the layer and clear varnish swatch.

1. Paste or create a vector graphic.

2. Apply a color or tint to it.

3. Copy your graphic and paste in place on the varnish layer. It is important that the graphic to print in clear dry ink be located on your varnish layer.

4. Apply the color clear varnish from the color pallet.

5. Chose Window > Attributes > Overprint Fill and/or Stroke. (see C)



Creating raster effects with Adobe Photoshop

A simulated varnish effect for clear dry ink with soft or faded edges can be achieved with Adobe Photoshop.

1. Open the photo you would like to enhance with clear varnish.

2. Select Convert to grayscale > Image/Mode/Grayscale, and discard color information. (see D)

3. Select Convert to duotone > Image/Mode/Duotone)

a. Select "Monotone"

b. Click on Ink 1 and change the color to: CMYK: 0/100/0/0.

c. Name ink 1 clear varnish. Itís important to use the same name as the color swatch in InDesign. (See E above.)

6. Save as a new file and name it filename_Clear.psd.

7. Mask out any area you do not want to receive clear dry ink.

Tip: You may want to increase the contrast and apply filters for a more dramatic result. Be creative.