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Advantages of Digital Print

Digital Print is Very Versatile

There are numerous advantages to using Digital Print instead of traditional printing methods. Firstly this Toner based process does not permeate the stock as with ink based printing but forms a thin layer upon the surface which is fused under a heat process. This reduces chemical waste and the print does not require drying time.

With Digital you only order the required amount whether it be 500, 100 or just a hand full. This reduces paper waste drastically. Long gone are the days of ordering 1000’s of prints that end up sat on the shelf. Digital Print does not require plates to be made resulting in set up costs being minimal. This allows us to produce multi-page documents far more cost effectively to Litho. Manuals, books and catalogues therefore no issue for the digital process, and even a modification of the image (variable data) used for each impression.

Approved artwork can be saved as print ready files and updating them is all done electronically making reordering a quick and simple process. These combined factors result in us being able to produce quality products with extremely fast turnaround times at competitive prices.

Is if this wasn’t enough Digital Print gives you the opportunity to personalise your print. From simple variable data like names and addresses or sequential numbering to complex customised invoices and marketing material (Transpromo) tailor made to everyone in your database.

You can now make all you’re mailing relevant and enhancing responses. Customised images are becoming more and more popular amongst direct mail campaigners. Fields from database can be inserted into artwork to form part of the image. See our personalised print page for more on this process.