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Integrating Digital Channels

Cross-Media communication channels Bournemouth Poole

At RPM our state of the art technology effortlessly combines communications across print, email, web and mobile channels giving you an extremely powerful marketing tool at your disposal.
We make it easy for you by having all four channels under one roof, allowing you to undertake an integrated cross-media campaign with us, from a single platform.
For us it’s all about marketing to the individual with relevant one-to-one communications with the advantage of being able to automate and respond simultaneously.
To do this we create a circle of communication in which data moves back and forth in a two way dialogue between you and your clients, triggered by their interactions within your campaign.
For example we may start with a direct mail piece inviting your customer into a PURL which is designed and relevant just to them. From there we can gather information and learn what our customer likes or requires.
Effectively they are doing your market research for you with their interactions picking and choosing what they want to know or receive. From the PURL you can include multiple options for data capture and opportunities for them to opt in to mobile or email communications.

Dynamic Cross-Media Integration

With this extra data the circle continues to grow with relevant content being shared via the multiple channels you have at your disposal. With each response coming back from the customer you can tailor you offers uniquely to the individual rather than sending the same offer or promotion to everyone, with the hope someone is interested.
Thus you have created personalised one-to-one communications and this will deliver better results.
Our technology is the leading form of communications for customer retention, loyalty schemes, rewards schemes, online account management, registration, surveys and many other forms of digital marketing campaigns.
We live in the digital age and cross-media will only go from strength to strength as its relevancy, practicality and suitability become more dominant.
Social media, apps, television, online and radio are all platforms from where integrated marketing campaigns can launch or land and the ability to personalise communications across theses media will make the difference in successful marketing campaigns.
We have developed a number of cross-media demos to illustrate how effective using multiple channels can be which can be experienced here

Key Features

  • Fully personalise multi channel campaigns
  • Greatly enhance response rates
  • All four channels under one roof
  • Live tracking and analytics

Telephone: 01202 890333 E-mail:

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