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Fully Integrated
Multi Channel Service

Cross-Media communication channels Bournemouth Poole

What is 1:1 Multi-Channel Marketing?

Multi-Channel marketing is when targeted, relevant communications are delivered across multiple media types.
The ultimate in multi-channel marketing is when each organisation within your business has two-way personalised dialogues with each
and every customer through the medium of their choice. As you learn more about your customers and reflect that information throughout your
communications to them, across a variety of media, you can transform that relationship into a much more loyal and strategic one.

Our technology seamlessly connects to databases to generate personalised multi-channel campaigns perfectly synchronized across all channels and touchpoints.
Together with key functionalities such as analytics, campaign management, automation, and more, We can deliver campaigns that bring about exceptional results.

Relevant Campaigns for Stronger Results

With the explosion of new communication channels in today’s fast-paced, digital environment, the good old-fashioned,
friendly and personal customer relationships people used to have are now a real challenge to forge and develop.
But it’s possible and even practical to engage in ongoing, individualised communications with each of your customers,
across multiple media channels.

Executing cycles of outbound and inbound communications will help you collect invaluable voice-of-customer response
information, which can be used to revise subsequent communications. Use what you have learned about the recipients to
deliver more relevant communications, strengthen customer relationships, and drive more growth and revenue for your business.

One integrated system

Integrated Multi Channel System under one roof Cross-Media Bournemouth Poole and Dorset

Under One Roof

Dynamically Control any content

Utilize the power to control any of the content in your messages, with dynamic personalisation.
Our system can generate dynamic text, image, video and logic filters automatically on the fly, generated from the database and fully tracked back for analasys.

Multi Channel dynamic text Cross-Media Bournemouth Poole and Dorset

Text Content

Any text or paragraph within a channel can be customised automatically with user specific information.

Images & Graphics

Personalise any image / graphic from within photoshop layers, or present static images depending on logic plan filters.

Personalised Videos

Generate a personalised video your audience to engage with a bespoke message automated just for them.

HTML Snippets

Use snippets within your website to personalise messages, images, videos and even stylesheets, all track-able for analasys.