Cross-Media Marketing Channels Bournemouth Poole and Dorset

We have now completed our first two live campaigns with both customers delighted with the results so far. Steve and Matt had the steepest of learning curves (white knuckle rides) but came through with flying colours. The tracking and analytics dash board straight to the phone is totally addictive! we'd love to show you the campaigns so if you're interested just ask.

Print to Cross-Media Provider Dorset & UK
Twenty five years ago when we started out digital printing was new, up and coming and exciting. Whilst it still has its moments, overall the industry has become diluted with an abundance of high street and online print shops offering rock bottom prices hacking away at the profit margins for the longer established companies. In order to stay competitive printers find themselves continuously investing in newer production kit, driving in-house costs down and enabling you to go a few more rounds with the cheaply printers who offer the world for £2.99 + P+P Long term in the digital world where print volumes as a whole start to decline this feels like it might be a losing battle. As some printers find themselves staring down the barrel the stark realisation that they need to differentiate could not be more apparent. This is what we’ve done at RPM. Now offering a full cross-media marketing solution we can now integrate our print with email, web and mobile communications. The migration from print service provider to marketing service provider is a challenging one. When your known solely as a printer for 25 years and you suddenly make the leap to strategic marketing a few eyebrows are certainly raised. However we are finding that clientele’s hesitations are only momentary whilst we reveal our new box of tricks in all there glory. There’s nothing new in communicating across different digital channels. Agencies have been doing this for years either by employing several 3rd parties to operate all the channels or by writing code so complex your invoice total looks like a misprint. What we’re offering is fully personalised communications across all of these channels from a single platform. That’s right! All channels under one roof. Combine that with live updates, full tracking and analytics then seeing us as a marketing service provider suddenly becomes more appealing and your local digital printer has spread its wings and landed directly within the marketing mix.

Dynamic Cross-Media Integration Bournemouth Poole and Dorset

When planning a digital marketing campaign there are many things to consider.

‘Who is my target audience?...

How much data do I have?...

Which Channels do I want to communicate across?

Our system is designed to be above all simplistic. We can launch campaigns across email, web, mobile and print seamlessly from a single platform. This means you don’t have to employ several companies to launch your campaign. Our system will do it all under one roof ! You may want to target 10,000 people but personalise the message/offer to groups or individuals within the database. That’s no problem at all for us as we believe in targeting the right person with the right message across the right channel at the right time. This is how you increase response rates and develop sales.
Integrating all these channels may sound daunting but using our system ties them all together effortlessly. By using a single platform you also benefit from faster deployment, cost savings, reduced margins for errors, and flexibility to change and update during campaigns.
Package that all up with the fact that we offer real time tracking and analytics and you have a powerful and effective tool at your disposal.